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Yes, We Do Custom.

As a young company our goal from the beginning was to develop string formulas by using the best science, a little magic and a lot of input from our guitar playing family. We rigorously test all our strings with our Beta Team of kick ass musicians before we make anything available to the public. 

One of the things many of the new members of the Blue Magic String Family asked for is to have custom sets for their exact needs. And hey, you know what you want more than we do, right?! So now we can provide custom string gauges and sets to meet your exact specs. Try to get that from one of the “Everything Else” crowd. 

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"When You Sound Better, You Play Better. It's Really That Simple."

We wanted something different, better. Cleaner. Smoother. Something with perfect tone. So we decided to build our own strings. It took a few tries, but we think you’ll find once you try these strings, you’ll never go back to the ones you used before. Why can we make this claim? Just read the testimonials from the real world players who are the ones that inspired our “Everything Else Is Just Crap” statement!

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